Значительное улучшение и упрощение жизни слепых людей.

Этот сайт сделан для слепых, и особенно тотально-слепых людей, чтобы дать им знать, что существует методика, способная значительно улучшить их жизнь.

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Built On The Bootstrap Grid

 Bootstrap's responsive grid comes in 4 sizes or "breakpoints": tiny (xs), small(sm), medium(md) and large(lg). These 4 grid sizes enable you create responsive layouts that behave accordingly on different devices. Learn More

Flexible Layouts


Easy to theme and customize with SASS


A mature, well-tested, stable codebase



What could be easier? Get started fast with this landing page starter theme.


Yes, please. Grab it for yourself, and make something awesome with this.


Because you don't want your Bootstrap site, to look like a Bootstrap site.


There's good reason why Bootstrap is the most used frontend framework in the world.


Bootstrap is matured and well-tested. It's a stable codebase that provides consistency.

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