Response by Sergey Shubin

In 2003, in the Main Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior the tests of the method were organized. Only four classes by 1.5 hours were done. Classes were conducted with an absolute visually disabled veteran from Voronezh city, who lost eyes and one hand, blown up on a mine, Shubin Sergey. Below is the statistics of development of his capacity for orientation in space and the search for objects.

      Statistics of development of abilities by days:

 1.  The first lesson was held on 6th of March, 2003. 

    After a use of a number of special development exercises, five times the task was to localize and to find an object in the form of a paper flag, which each time was placed in different places of the sport hall. All five times the task was successfully solved in presence of his mother and of some of hospital’s employees.

    Of special interest is the situation when he, originally chosen the right direction, in 5 seconds got off course, but then in the process of the movement corrected the route and came exactly in the right place.

 The results of this first day were high and interesting. After we finished, I came to the hospital’s director to inform him of the results. But he claimed me that just for one day none of results can be achieved, therefore he personally will come to see them in two months. But after 4th day of training Sergey Shubin was discharged from hospital.

 2.  The second lesson. The 7th of March, 2003.

      After a use a number of special developmental exercises, Sergey Shubin several times had to locate one ball in the hall, then three multi-colored balls, then all the balls in a certain sequence: first the brown ball; then the multi-coloured ball; then yellow ball.

      All tasks were performed successfully in the presence of the same persons.

 3.  The third lesson. March 14, 2003.

      First he was searching for one big ball. Then three balls. And then three balls in the specified sequence. Then the following important task was set: turns in the right places. For example, it was created a model of corridor with doors. He had to go straight, to define required doors and to turn to them. The next day this exercise was continued.

 4.  The third lesson. March 15, 2003.

     Sergey Shubin was seeking three little coloured balls with success of 6-7 fortunate tries out of 10. In particular he had to locate the closest ball and to define its colour. First two tries were successful, the third one had some difficulties. Next task was again to work out turns in the corridor. One door was the exit. All tries were successful.

There was very interesting situation, when he first defined the direction correctly, went almost all way straightly. Then at the last meter he lost the course, passed the door 40 cm away. Stopped. Felt a loss of signal, scanned the space around him, identified needed point, turned to it, and went the door out.


Unfortunately after 4th lesson he was discharged out of the hospital and went home far away to Voronezh city.  

Abilities, developing with this method, will considerably improve the life of blind persons, including of veterans of wars.