Response by Eugeny Meshkov

Eugeny is searching for demanded cars

Response from Eugeny Meshkov, born in 1980, totally blind life-long.

 "After reading of responses about method of orienteering by sensations, I thought that I am unable to do something similar. However, when I started training some new perception had revealed in me, and I began to feel specific signals, driving me directly to the needed point. At first, I was very skeptical that I really can do it. I was sure it is an eventuality. However, when it repeated many times, I got clear that I am easily able to act and to orient, listening to these new sensations.

Sometimes I was quite unclear where to go and what to do. There was inner scare. However, after definite inner actions, such as concentration on a required thing, I was overcoming myself.

A big doubt caused me exercises on seeking of subjects, and even of undefined objects. However, it was just first feeling. After I started working, I have been locating everything very easily, and all doubts disappeared".

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