Response by Ekaterina Merzlikina

Totally blind woman in library

Response from Kate Merzlikina, born in 1981, totally blind for the last 14 years because of diabetes.   26.07.2015

“Dear Alexander.

I would like to say a couple of words about our lessons. Very, very interesting method. It certainly very helps me as to a person with limited possibilities. Especially concerning to search of subjects like keys, books, and generally any subject can be found without someone’s help. It all makes my life not so limited, moves frames apart, makes my world wider. I was very enthralled by sporting exercises. I mean search of the ball on field and scoring a goal. This is tremendous sensation. It gives much joy and removes many limitations. One can play football quite independently, without additional appliance, without bells in balls, without canes and even without a guide. But simply to locate the ball and score a goal. It is very remarkable and fascinatingly. And your method helps me moving more freely in space. I mean a possibility to define locations of different obstacles on the way and understanding of how they can be walked round. These sensations, that are developed after exercises, like a small impulse, as if intuitively, give small push in right direction in order to go an obstacle round, whether it a tree, or a table, or a pit, or a stone. No matter. But very important that it works and considerably improves our life. How great to realize that you can do something yourself! It gives a great hope for the future. Thanks a lot”.