Response by Neal Wood

I have spent much time of late considering the shining possibilities and opportunities that would be opened by his technique.  If this man  can produce what he claims,  it will revolutionize education and rehabilitation, and will change the lives of blind people, maybe the lives of all.

 Neal Wood,  PhD (totally blind)

         At August of 2004 a very experienced totally blind american has visited me in order to personally learn something about my technique.  He had a special typewriter for the blind with him, so he made the following notes by himself:       

           Arrival's day

           He asked me to leave the room while he placed it again. When I returned, He asked me to stand in the middle of the room, and locate the cane. I let my mind open, and tried to let my body be moved by whatever sensations came. I felt a presence of energy in my lower spine. It seemed to want to turn me to the left. I turned, and my hand raised to point. Then, I froze, as if on the edge of a great impossibility. He jumped up and exclaimed that I was exactly right, but I shouldn't doubt myself.  I should always go with my first sensation; don't try to think it out. He grabbed the wrist of my pointing arm, and pulled me in that same direction. The cane was there, leaning against the cabinetry. My mouth fell open with surprise.

              The sensation was clear, but I doubted what I'd felt. He said to try again. So, I left the room, and returned with dubious excitement a  moment later to its middle. Twice now, I felt sensations that were kind-of specific, that lead me to the correct place. Again, I felt a pressure to turn and point. I hesitated, and he reminded me to follow the sensation. I moved forward until my hand came to rest upon its grip against a corner. He was very impressed; I was amazed. He couldn't have been placing the cane as I pointed, nor leading me in any way. He never moved from the sofa, and he was silent while I did the exercises. I did not hear him place it from where I waited; I had my ears half covered. In fact, I stayed in the bathroom, which  was on the other side of the hall. Something was moving me toward my cane.

               My comment:

              This is the key point of the technique. Mark, that "something was moving" him toward his cane. One learns and acquires the ability to feel this "something"  as absolutely new sensation that he or she have never felt before. This new quality can be developed in everyone with certainty. Try to imagine what kind of possibilities will get discovered before many scientific directions, and certainly in the business of investigations and public security.

               "Let's try again." I left and re-entered. This time, he did not sit on the sofa, but stood near it. I opened my mind, felt the pressure to turn, and again point. I moved forward. I was moving directly toward him. I stopped, adjusted my course to move just passed him, toward a corner of the room behind him, but it wasn't there. I was confused. It seemed clear to me that it must be here. He said, "Your first sensation was correct. Go back where you were." I returned to that spot, now facing him. "Now, come forward again." I moved forward, and, chuckling, he handed me my cane saying, "I had it behind my back." I had moved toward him, but wouldn't let myself accept that he had it. When I moved around him, I lost the signal, and imagination usurped my sensation. I stood outside the room very dubious but maintaining my almost trance-like state. I was very impressed at my results about the cane, but I still felt very unsure about reading my sensations. This seemed like a task far beyond my abilities. In truth, I was still very much in the sceptical phase. But, finding my cane 4 times in a row was amazing to me, and reflective of what he said was possible for us all with the right training. So, as I re-entered the room, a cast all conflicts aside, and opened.

               Next day (second)

               Now he has hid three items: two tapes and a souvenier tower. "Find the items," he said. From my position at the center of  the room, I hesitated. The feel of the tower in my right hand was very strong, dominating my sensations. I wanted to move to the right and reach out, but I couldn't tell if my recollection of the feel of the tower in my right hand was overriding my sensitivities, so I froze."Describe your sensations," he said. I hesitated, having difficulty articulating a set of sensations I'd never experienced, for which the English language has no vocabulary.

               Perhaps if I was speaking in Chinese or Sanskrit, or Tibetan, or Shamanism, or some other language which recognized and differentiated such sensations, but I was not. I said that I was experiencing a presence of energy which felt like a pressure at different points to  the right and left of my spine, but that I couldn't interpret them.  He said, "Go with your sensations. Let your body move." I tried freeing my mind of the tower, tossing it away from my imagined right hand, and released my body to a movement. I turned immediately, and walked toward one of the arm chairs. "Very good," He said.

               "Reach out." I did, and found the Kitaro tape sitting exactly in front of me on the chair's arm. He applauded. "Wow," he said, "How did you know?".

                After dinner, we tried the same task of looking for the 3 items again. Several tries were needed to find two of the items. I did not establish which item I would find, but merely set myself the task of following any sensation to any one of the items. I went straight to the enigma tape, but was confused as he had hidden it in the fan in the corner where I went, so I didn't find it right away. I sort of went in circles looking for the Kitaro tape. None of the sensations made sense. It turned out that he'd hidden that in the chandelier above the middle of the room. Alex attributes my meandering pattern to my awareness of the near presence of the object, but without the ability yet to isolate its location in three dimensions. I am disappointed that he would choose such a difficult task this soon. I told him that such a task was obviously quite beyond me, and probably not a good idea

               I definitely feel sensations, and they seem to shift with the establishment of each new task. But, I can not interpret them, and the results do not yet seem to correspond to the sensations. Some of the results may be impressive, and instrumental - especially the ones with the cane. I'm assuming there's a code of sensation that one must learn to understand, but I'm not making sense of it yet. It seems very subtle, and one must learn to isolate and separate these signals.

             My comment:

             All the tasks are originally out of his abilities, but not only this one. These two tasks were completed by him very correctly, but the second one must be marked specially.  When he has reached the room's center, he lost all the  horizontal sources of information. It means, that as an expert, he was taught  to feel and to differentiate the difference of potentials between absenting and presenting objects by methods of radiation by them of energetic torrents.

             One can pay attention at his disappointment in his inability of interaction with three dimensional space.  Evidently, that  for only one day, a probability of such ability's acquirement by anyone equals to zero.

             Third day

             The exercises were conducting in a park. Alex then asked me to find, "A small hill with a tree on it." I felt a sense, and pointed. "No," He said. "Try again." I pointed again, and began to move. "No," He said. "Listen deeper." I pointed again, and began to move. He didn't  stop me, so I just kept moving. Alex would tend to stop me if I was straying too far off, so I started to determine by his behavior rather I was right or not.  I found the hill. It was quite a distance, 50 meters or so, from the stand of trees where we were. It could have been in any direction, any distance. Might I have spent all day looking for it without some inner instinct? Alex eliminated two directions by saying, "no," but there were still infinite possibilities. I'm not a statistics expert, so I couldn't judge the probabilities.

               My comment:

               Two directions were eliminated by me, but thousands of others left.

               So evidently, that elimination of these two doesn't play a big role in the development of proper directions choice's ability. A probability of a wrong or occasional decision's making by him in this case is very small, actually equals to zero.

               Fourth day

               We began to work out the "information trail".  I was in bathroom, while Alex walked along some routs in the big room, starting from the door. When he finished, he has invited me to begin.

               First try:

               I stood in the door, trying to locate signal. Either the signal is very subtle, or I feel nothing at all. But I begin to move.  First I slowly go straight, then turn at 90 degrees to the right, go parallelly first armchair quite close to it. Then I turn at 45 degrees to the left and go straight the cabinet's angle. Alex says that I went correctly.

                Second try:

               I slowly come into the room and go straight up to the cabinet, in this point I turn around almost at 180 degrees and again move forward. Now I reach the first armchair, sitting closer to the door.  I again turn around almost at 180 degrees and come up to the cabinet's angle. Now I also turn at almost 180 degrees and come up to second armchair. Alex says that the exercise is finished and completed  with absolute exactness.

               My comment:

              Such class skills and abilities to be easily developed can be considered as breakthrough in the science and will provide the humanity many of possibilities unavailable before.