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Expert's conclusion by Igor Savosh, president of Mitischi's society for the blind


Method of Alexander Bursa. Representation.

About method of Alexander Bursa on Orientation and Mobility of blind people in the space, approbation of which has been conducted at the “Mytischi’s Society of the blind”. The method itself has been elaborated in 1997 year and has been tested many times unofficially before.

Alexander Bursa has been conducting exercises with two totally blind members of the Society, who were chosen for training occasionally : male Eugeny Meshkov, born in 1980; and female Ekaterina Merzlikina, born in 1981. Video documentation has been carried out on all exercises).

The training was conducted in the following areas:

1.       Orientation in space.  2. Blind football. 3. Location and avoiding of obstacles. 4. Search and detection of concrete objects. 5. Search and detection of undefined objects without descriptions. For example, a task was to locate a control point but not concrete object.


 At first trainings were conducting with female Ekaterina Merzlikina. Totally blind during last 14 years. As a whole there were 18 exercises 1-2 hours long. First successes were achieved by her at first lessons. She was successfully orienting in a room and locating required objects – color cards by colors; cards with numbers by numbers, etc.  Also exercises were conducting outdoors, where all tasks were more complicated. She was successfully locating cars by their models, colors or registration numbers, including all objects presenting at the specific area and according to the relevant specifications, even those that were invisible for the instructor Alexander Bursa. Also she was locating figures and words on walls of houses, garages and fences; and other objects, including trees. Of special attention deserves developed in her ability of more confident locating of any objects (such as a word on a cabinet, a bottle on a table, etc.) without qualitative descriptions. Also Ekaterina was successfully walking round artificial obstacles. Also she was able to locate a ball on a small field and to score a goal.


Later it has been started training of totally blind male Eugeny Meshkov. First day he showed high abilities on orienteering and location of objects. Further he was resolving the similar tasks, including those outdoors, very effectively. His training is going on.

We consider that for the method of Alexander Bursa is the future of the rehabilitation process and of education, so that we recommend this method to the realization in order to improve rehabilitation of the blind and of their life, that, in our opinion, will certainly lend them important assistance in social adaptation and improvement of life conditions.

                                                            16.10.2015. Igor Savosh.  President of Mytischi’s Society of the Blind.
                                                                                                          Moscow region, Mytischi, Russia